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The importance of people and process in the fight to secure NHS data

The computer virus which affected Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust in November is a further reminder that NHS organisations need to remain constantly on their guard against security breaches. As no ransom was demanded, it’s likely to have been a random attack, but reports suggest that 28 trusts have been hit by ransomware attacks in the last year. Additionally, the NHS was the UK’s biggest victim of data breaches in 2015 according to the Information Commissioner’s Office. To help Trusts tackle these threats, the National Data Guardian Review was published in July 2016. The results of the public consultation into its recommendations are still to be published, but the key points made in the Review are relevant to across all sectors. It points out th......nhsdata
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Is the plan for a paperless NHS in danger of missing the point?

The ambition for the NHS to be ‘paperless at the point of delivery’ has already been revised from 2018 to 2020, but a recent survey found that almost half (46%) of healthcare directors and CIOs polled said they were unsure over whether they would meet this deadline. We’ve already seen one failed project to create a single, secure system of electronic patient records for every GP and hospital in the country – the ill-fated National Programme for IT (NPfIT). Will NHS trusts facing the challenge of digitising vast quantities of historical records fare any better? The problem is that the project seems to be primarily about digitising existing processes. But as Dave Coplin from Microsoft said at our recent Customer Forum, using technology to make old working......
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Procurement teams need to wake up and smell the coffee

When 2e2 called in the administrators last week, it wasn’t a great surprise to many of us in the industry. We’ve watched the company grow exponentially through acquisition for a number of years and wondered how the margins available in the channel could possibly finance repayments on the financing that must have been needed. More worrying is the fact that a number of large public sector organisations seem to have been completely unprepared for the company’s demise, including those which outsourced their ICT functions to 2e2 accompanied by the transfer of employees. Clearly they need a rapid solution to ensure they continue with business as usual, and we hope the administrators are able to provide one. However, this highlights a disturbing problem. All organisations, particularly those in th......2e2
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