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London Borough of Hillingdon


Shining a light on private cloud
Fordway reviewed Hillingdon's ICT infrastructure and designed and implemented a solution based on virtualisation - creating a private cloud infrastructure, which the Hillingdon team have named the “H-cloud”.  This has provided substantial cost savings, increased availability and an effective business continuity solution.


Case Study Overview

The initial driver for Hillingdon's ICT review was almost 100 per cent year on year data growth, which had created many terabytes of stored data, and increasing user requirements for new services and improved ways of working. While only ten per cent of this data was mission-critical at any one time, the other ninety per cent had to be available at short notice as it could be required for government reports or to answer questions about legacy projects. The Borough's existing five year old storage area network (SAN) could not handle this level of data, and the associated IT infrastructure was unable to support the IT team as it struggled to manage growth and prioritise data manually.

As well as providing disaster recovery for the Borough, the solution has been extended to provide disaster recovery for Local Strategic Partners (LSPs), and they are now in discussion with other local authorities about providing this service for them, enabling the Borough to recover its operating costs.

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