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Fordway celebrates 25 years in business with new services and a new partner

Fordway Staff in Godalming Autumn 2016

Caption: The Fordway team in Godalming

Managed cloud and IT infrastructure provider Fordway is celebrating its 25th birthday with a pledge of continued innovation in both the brands it works with and the services it offers. In August the company announced a new partnership with Druva and introduced four new cloud services, all of which are available through the G-Cloud framework.

In the last five years MD Richard Blanford has made a substantial investment in facilities, skills and staff to transform Fordway from a traditional reseller into a managed cloud provider with a turnover of almost £15 million and more than 100 customers. This has included identifying and working with challenger brands as well as established vendors in order to develop innovative services such as Identity Management as a Service (IDAMS) and the new Patch Management as a Service. Fordway has also invested in ensuring that it has all the relevant accreditations to deliver services to the public sector.

“When the recession came along major infrastructure change projects dried up, hence our move into managed cloud services,” explained Richard Blanford. “We still provide the combination of in-depth technical knowledge and practical implementation experience on which Fordway was built, but we now offer our customers the choice of using their infrastructure, ours or public cloud - whichever combination is best for their business.” Looking back over the last few years of change, transformation and growth, Richard says that when things get tough, doing nothing is not an option.

“The key piece of advice I would offer is that if the business isn’t working, don’t wait for things to get better,” he says. “Understand how you can apply what you are good at differently, change your game and do it quickly before the changing market leaves you behind.”