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Moving a datacentre using Cloud Intermediation Services CIMS

Moving a server into the cloud is an easy process both technically and commercially, but a great deal of understanding is required when you look to move your whole datacentre to the cloud. The first thing that you must address is your organisation’s business drivers for moving to the cloud and their associated timelines. There are two main drivers: Compelling event: Your existing datacentre facilities need to be physically restructured (i.e. merger or acquisition) or will not support the levels of availability that the business demands (i.e. constant underperformance and business continuity requirements). Strategic plan: Your organisation needs to restructure its costs to a new model for greater efficiency in its consumption of services and/or the flexing of capacity to allow more agility to bring services t......
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Planning your cloud portfolio using Fordway's Cloud Intermediation Services

You can only map where you are going if you know where you are. This is a basis steering requirement in most walks of life - not just for planning your organisational development into the cloud. But understanding and baselining your organisation is fundamental in moving it forward in the direction you want to go. So what do you need to know about where you are? All you need is a fully defined CMDB (Configuration Management Database) with all the relevant attributes that fully describe all of the components of Service Delivery within your IT environment and their relationships to each other. Sounds simple enough..... However, most organisations are not mature enough in their service management to have this tool, and even the most accurate CMDB will......
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What’s your business attitude to risk?

IT governance may not be the most exciting topic but it needs to be front and centre of every IT strategy because it’s fundamental to an organisation’s security. Getting it wrong can be extremely costly – but of course being overly averse to risk is also expensive. Excessive restrictions mean a slow response to changing situations, but too few can put a business at risk. It’s also something that needs to be continually reviewed to keep up with changes in IT and new threats. So where do you start in assessing whether your current governance is fit for purpose? Standards and best practice frameworks such as ITIL, which can be formally accredited to ISO20000 for service management and align to ISO27001 for security management, will provide some of......
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