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The importance of people and process in the fight to secure NHS data

The computer virus which affected Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust in November is a further reminder that NHS organisations need to remain constantly on their guard against security breaches. As no ransom was demanded, it’s likely to have been a random attack, but reports suggest that 28 trusts have been hit by ransomware attacks in the last year. Additionally, the NHS was the UK’s biggest victim of data breaches in 2015 according to the Information Commissioner’s Office. To help Trusts tackle these threats, the National Data Guardian Review was published in July 2016. The results of the public consultation into its recommendations are still to be published, but the key points made in the Review are relevant to across all sectors. It points out th......nhsdata
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Creating a baseline of your IT security

With security breaches and stolen user credentials almost constantly in the national headlines, no organisation can consider itself safe from cyber attack. The revelation of the medical records of Olympic athletes demonstrates that even organisations which know they are likely to a target can be penetrated by a determined hacker. Fortunately, most of us are not high profile athletes and therefore unlikely to be of interest to the ‘Fancy Bears’, but with organisations from Lincolnshire County Council to Bournemouth University reporting ransomware attacks, there are clearly are lots of people out there with malicious intent. One baseline security posture that should be in every organisation’s cyber security portfolio is Cyber Essentials. This is a scheme set up by the Government that aims to help organisations implem......Cyber Security Image
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